Monday, 25 January 2010


Enabled/disabled from Janko Katic on Vimeo.

Video performance titled "enable/disable" by Janko Katic and Kristina Kovacevic in 2008.

Video was displayed on 12th international video festival "Videomedeja" and Sur Expositions in 2008.

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Both protagonists in this video are deprived of possibility of speech, suggesting that for the communication its participants do not need anything but the need it self to stay in touch and maintain their relationship. Regardless of distance, cultural or economical difference, their absence of movement, too, is in a way symbolic contribution to desire of belonging to each other. Used symbols of bridge, staircases and vehicles, all known as utilitarian ways of connection are brought up to the point where they stand as solemn with reduced capabilities in this era, largely supported by modern and advanced electronic possibilities, such as internet connection and virtual dialogues.
In a way this could be comprehended as a modern relationship story placed among hectic western philosophy, where genuine emotional response doesn’t have to suffer geographical or any other regional obstacle, but eventually those held in participants themselves.
Sound, with its rhythm creates adequate wavelength, which enables both disabled protagonists to be connected and thereby leave aside every other conventional way of communication.
Like both sides of a coin, movement and stillness, presence and absence, dialogue and silence are all given to help us understand that the aim of communication is often dubious and relative in its appearance and meaning.

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